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„Sucess by Sector-Specific Know-How in the Dairy Industry"

Industry Suitable Methods and Concepts

Sector-wide implementation and integration of current methods and procedures for the dairy and food processing industry is our strength.

  • The methods have to be suitable in practice
  • Intensive knowledge of procedure and production processes and their operational structure in the practice is most important

In order to meet these requirements, we are investing heavily in new consulting concepts and pilot projects.


Technical and Business Consultancy
The essential core of our consulting concepts is the economic interpretation of technical processes and situations.

  • Our focus is the interface between technical and commercial business processes
  • We are there, where the "Technician meets the Economist”
  • Comprehensive know-how in the relevant technical and business disciplines is required

Our Way of Working - Experience and Systematic Approach
Due to our many years of industry experience, we ensure a responsive and efficient procedure

  • We do not require extensive analyses with solid customer support
  • Our solutions and concepts are industry tested
  • Expenses, benefits and future prospects but also the implementation are considered holistically
  • We are proposing measures and are responsible as well as involved in the implementation
  • In addition to the operative implementation we accompany the projects entrusted to us with an effective project and change management

Process Analytical Procedure
The process analytical procedure and operative implementation is the focus of our advice. We are aware of the organisational processes and relationships and master the business interpretation and implementation of technical processes.


Project Management
"We consider company-specific circumstances and objectives and therefore formulate consulting projects individually":

  • At the beginning of a project, there is a status analysis
  • Based on this, the project organisation will be developed
  • In many cases a monetary estimate of project value will be made
  • Containment actions in this phase can be initiated
  • Most useful is " industry benchmarking "
  • The realisation of potential comes usually in parallel with the project work
  • Project monitoring is done according to the project organization