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„An Expert's Opinion of Qualified Authorities as a Template for Internal and External Stakeholders"

  • The settlement of insurance claims requires the detailed proof of the damage caused to type and level

  • For manufacturing companies with a high proportion of raw materials, intricate manufacturing processes with semi-finished product stages and long ripening and storage periods, this proof requires detailed figures with verifiable calculations

  • The relationship between the cause of the fault and error product is subsequently not easily recognizable and comprehensible

  • Detailed studies and statistical analyzes can provide this proof

The directly visible damage to mechanical equipment is usually regulated by the supplier. The defective part is replaced - the system is running optimally again. However, more difficult is the settlement of claims on products that have been produced on these systems. It often affects products with a long maturation time, such as Cheese. There are complex cause-effect relationships that complicate proof of causation.

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