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„Since Years we are Supporting Organizations during Major Investment Projects with our Know-How about Business and Technical Relationships"

Major investments in the dairy and food industry normally design for a long period of tight production and logistics structures. Investments cement the structure for a long period and determine the operational business:

  • Factory Sites, Departments
  • Production Areas
  • Production Processes and Technologies
  • Production Capacity and Capacity Utilization
  • Production Costs and Efficiency
  • Depreciable Volume
  • Maintenance
  • Interest Charges and Capital Commitment

Wrong decisions can have major implications on the existence, since investments in production and logistics structures are an often more than 10 year definition.

Typical questions related to investment decisions are:

  • New Construction or Reinvestment
  • Required Capacity and its Utilization
  • Optimal Replacement Time of Equipment
  • Performance optimal Service Life
  • Alternative Investment Projects

Investment Appraisal - Audit

Depending on the problem and the initial situation, we create models to assess investments and alternatives. We select the appropriate type and use the most suitable investment calculation methods:

  • Net Present Value Method
  • Internal Rate Method
  • Payback Period, ROI
  • Cost and Earnings Effects
  • Return on Assets
  • Return on Invested Capital
  • Sensitivity Analyzes
  • Model Evaluation

Investment Controlling - Project Implementation

Particular for future investment projects, it is important to gain experience from current projects.

  • Development of Investment Budgets (budget-actual)
  • Commissioning Controlling
  • Assumptions and Premises (planned and actual)
  • Investment Recalculation (planned and actual)

Commissioning Controlling - Insurance Damages

Experience has shown that during major investments (e.g.: building a new plant) 5-10% of the total investment costs are necessary for commissioning.

We prepare proposals on how the figures for investment controlling can be fixed already with the award of order of investment and assist in determining the actual costs incurred start-up costs.


Investment Recalculation

With the recalculation of investment is checked whether the promised parameters and thus the proposed investment success are also occurred, such as:

  • Payback Period, ROI
  • Cost and Earnings Effects
  • Return on Capital etc.