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Deutsches Milchkontor Goes Live with the New Product Solution msg.FELIX-SAP



Munich, October 08, 2013. Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK), Germany’s largest dairy company, ordered the production of the msg.FELIX-SAP product solution in January and was able to successfully start productive operation at their plant in Zeven in the middle of September. DMK is the largest dairy processing company in Germany with 4.6 billion Euro in revenue and is among the top ten dairy companies in Europe. The application was developed by the Munich IT consulting and system integration company msg systems in close cooperation with their strategic partner GKC Dr. Öttl & Partner Dairy and Food Consulting AG (GKC).


msg.FELIX-SAP is based on the long-established and widely-installed FELIX® industry solution by GKC. Based on ERP systems, it covers the unique requirements of the dairy industry and has been used successfully by many dairy company for years. On order of DMK, msg systems continued the development of the system, transitioning it from a solely Microsoft technology-based system to a standard application and end-to-end solution for dairy processing companies. Porting allowed a new standard solution for the dairy industry to be created, a solution that can be used internationally as well.


"We now have a solution that is high-performance, adjustable, can be used on an international level and that also covers the high requirements specific to the dairy industry previously covered by FELIX®. The implementation of the new SAP-based solution msg.FELIX-SAP allows us to ensure continuous, successful growth as well as harmonization within the DMK group," explains Volkmar Taucher, member of the executive management and CFO at DMK. "With GKC and msg systems we chose the right partners for the successful realization of this solution."


During the go-live review on 09/26/2013 at DMK's plant in Zeven Dr. Dirk Gloy, member of the corporate management at DMK and responsible for the field of production/logistics, emphasized, "The new SAP-based raw material and production planning solution, msg.FELIX-SAP, allows considerable improvements and optimizations to the production flow, to the goods availability and also provides a better view of the raw dairy side.” He further emphasized that, "With msg.FELIX-SAP we have a better handle on dairy as a raw material." He also praised the high level of reliability, on-time delivery performance and quality of the collaboration with Dr. Hans Öttl, the project members from GKC and the professional product development performed at msg systems' location in Passau.


"This development was realized in a very short amount of time and has allowed us to successfully showcase our strategic competence in the development of product-based, innovative solutions for the food industry," commented Frank Plechinger, member of the board of directors at msg systems ag and responsible for both products & development and for the food industry. "The successful implementation for the market leader marks an important milestone in establishing our product as the standard SAP solution for the dairy industry. This is further underscored by the activities we have already begun to perform for other market leaders in the dairy industry in an international environment."


"By transferring the solution to an SAP platform and developing it into an end-to-end solution, we have been able to take the established FELIX® solution to an even higher and innovative level," emphasized Dr. Hans Öttl, founder of and chairman of the board of directors at GKC. "Despite the complexity and very ambitious timeline for the project, our excellent partnership-based collaboration and the synergies resulting from it allowed us to successfully implement the solution within the given time frame and to DMK's complete satisfaction."

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