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New branch of industry solution for the dairy and food industry



New branch of industry solution for the dairy and food industry
msg systems has received along with GKC the order from DMK for porting and implementation of the industry solution FELIX®4 on the SAP ERP platform. The first production rollout of the new dairy standard solution has already started.


FELIX®4 is the fourth generation of the branch of industry solution FELIX® of GKC for planning and controlling. It is based on ERP systems covering the branch of industry-specific requirements and is in use in many dairies for years. msg systems has developed so far based on Microsoft technology solutions and now according to business requirements and the SAP standards and guidelines has rewritten and expanded it to an end-to-end solution for the dairy and food industry.


GKC is responsible for process consulting, technical implementation consulting and professional customer service and will operate in a long-term partnership with msg systems with their industry specific expertise, the requirements analysis and the development of specialized architecture.


DMK has FELIX® in operation for over 15 years across the Group in all 22 plants and uses the functionalities, starting at milk receiving over raw material calculation, daily raw material- and plant controlling, efficiency controlling, activity-based costing planning and simulation support "In addition SAP FELIX® is one of the most widely used software applications in DMK. We don’t want to and can’t do without these functionalities. However, we were looking for a solution that is reliable, adjustable and internationally operational and meets the very high dairy specific requirements. FELIX® is covering all this today, "said Volkmar Taucher, CFO at DMK.

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