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„Sucess by Sector Specific Know-How in the Dairy and Food Industry“

Our planning, controlling and optimisation systems are designed and tailored for application in the dairy and food industry and are based on more than 30 years of business experience. We develop concepts and accompany our partners throughout the implementation process using our industry experience in operational structuring along the entire value chain, from raw material procurement up to the customer:

  • Raw Material Procurement Processes
  • Company Planning, Simulation, Optimization
  • Retail Cost and Profit Accounting
  • Supply-Chain Management
  • Controlling Processes
  • Planning and Forecasting Processes
  • Business Processes

This is the basis for our process-oriented approach to optimise and improve processes. Our main tasks are not only the reduction of costs and the increase of efficiency, but also to secure process execution.

In cooperation with our partners, we analyse the current situation and make it transparent. This is the basis for optimisation of the processes. Linked to this we clarify the process model according to which implementation has to be made for achieving optimised processes.