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„Changing Structures and Processes often convert Losses to Profit"

Corporate crises often require the implementation of a restructuring. This requires a proper analysis of the causes of the crisis, after that building up a multi-year planning and implementation support.

GKC provides consulting services for the dairy and food companies, create facts and figures evidence-based expertise and provides them to create the statement and financial conditions.

Support Restructuring in the Power Range:

  • Actual-Analysis, Indicators, Knowledge
  • Identify the Causes of the Crisis in the Performance
  • Support for Multi-Year Planning
  • Restructuring in the Performance
  • Central and Performance-Critical Structures and Processes
  • Quantification of the Restructuring Sanctions
  • Organization of the Action Planning
  • Implementation Controlling (target/actual -monitoring)

A successful restructuring therefore is always been based on a deep understanding of the business requirements, the structures and processes of the customer and the industry.

We have experience in the collaboration with "restructuring" and know the requirements of the financial and accounting areas.