Analyze. Rate. Design. Implement.

Efficient Management Consulting

Combining technology, engineering, and business management has always been, is and will always be our philosophy, whereas our focus is on milk and food.

We advise and support companies in structural development, in potential and process analyses, in efficiency improvement and in management information systems, from analysis and solution concepts to operative implementation of recommended measures. In doing so, we pay attention to achieving comprehensible increases in efficiency and transparency.

Rough Potential


We determine rough potentials based on technical equipment, production program, capacity utilization, process sequences, planning and control.

Loss of Raw Materials

What do losses cost?

Machining and handling processes cause production-related over-consumption and losses.

Process Analysis

Performance Data & Consumption

Processes are core elements in operational value creation and in the FELIX® applications.

Raw Material Valuation

Evaluation & Utilization

Which evaluation methods are the right ones?

Plant Performance

Is the OEE correct?

You want to increase efficiency potentials.
Do your employees know the process costs?

Process Cost Calculation

More Transparency

You want to increase efficiency potentials.
Do your employees know the process costs?

Controlling Systems

Automate & Digitalize

Digitalization is changing the controlling, but the challenges for the industry remain!

Quick Planning

Changes at a Glance

What if? You can use Quick Planning to change the most important influencing factors.

Production Planning

Fully Interconnected

Digitalization of the supply chain planning processes: we analyze and design “your completely interconnected solution.”


Investment Calculation

Calculate & Evaluate

With our know-how of economic and technical contexts, we support the calculation of larger investment projects.


Assess, Recalculate

We support you already in the planning phase with the definition of performance KPIs and provide expert services for assessments.

Supply Chain Structure

Plant Structures

Volatile markets with major shifts in recycling require a reassessment of the supply structure


Business Process

Analyze & Optimize

Increasing complexity, rising external requirements demand more services in the indirect areas and entail higher costs.

Project Management

Keeping an Eye on Progress

We manage projects with different tasks and dimensions. From short-term efficiency improvement to long-term ERP implementation projects.

Dashboard & KPIs


How to transform data in valuable information? Digitalize your reporting, your information and communication structure.